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The Best Ways To Get Rid of Old Furniture Before Moving

The Best Ways To Get Rid of Old Furniture Before Moving

Moving requires a lot of logistics that can be daunting. You worry about the items that you have to store and transport to the new house or apartment. Plus, you have to determine what to do with the old stuff that you want to get rid of, such as furniture. Use the guide below to learn the best ways to get rid of old furniture before moving so that you can get it off your hands.

Donate Your Furniture

Local charities will accept a broad range of materials. In many instances, charities will accept furniture that is in functional condition. So explore the donation areas in your city to learn what they will accept.

Don’t forget to find out whether the organization you want to donate to will travel to your home to pick up the furniture. In some cases, charities will pick up the furniture from home, but that’s not always the case. Don’t worry; if you want to explore additional options or you can’t find a way to transport the furniture to a charity, the alternatives below are still available.

Gift It to Someone You Know

Another great way to get rid of old furniture in good condition is to hand it down to someone you know. For example, relatives or friends with apartments and homes may need used furniture to complete their setup.

If you like DIY home projects, you can even consider fixing up the table, chair, and other furniture pieces you want to get rid of so that someone you know will be happy to take them. The furniture may look disheveled now, but taking time to fix it up can make the items more enticing to friends and family who want to upgrade their home design.

Hire Junk Removal Services

One of the best ways to get rid of old furniture before moving is to call a junk removal service because they will take all types of furniture, even if they’re in bad condition. Plus, furniture is not the only junk that these services will take, so they can help with the move in other ways. If you want a fast and easy way to get rid of furniture, appliances, and more items around the home, then you can contact a junk removal service for help.

For example, our team at Haulaway provides household junk removal services that will take couches, bookcases, tables, and many more items. Now that you know the options available, put together the best plan for your needs today.

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